Let's Play!

Do you ever go into a local restaurant and notice one of those team posters they have showcasing one of the local high school athletic squads? Well of course I do. And each time I'm checking it to see who shot it. Then I'm wondering how they got the gig. It occurred to me that would be a pretty good area of photography to get into.


As with any other field of photography, team photos is a competitive field to break into. The hardest part is getting the in. I was able to finally make that happen by connecting with a longtime friend of mine who owns a local crossfit gym. I did a promo shoot for some of the girls that train at his gym. He made a poster of the image which now hangs in that gym. One of the mothers saw it and I was then commissioned for photos for their volleyball club photos.

I still get nervous before every shoot. It's probably the anal perfectionist in me. But even moreso when it's a massive shoot like this one. I wanted to make absolutely sure that everything came out just right since this would be my foray into a new photography arena. Get this one right and it could lead to more possibilities with more team photography. I will have to admit that I rather liked the outcome. Hopefully it paid off and does lead to more business down the same alley.