Do. You.

It just hit me one day while I was watching an old "Martin" episode a while ago.  He had that infamous phrase that he would utter occasionally when trying to be sarcastic:  "Do you!"  It was his way of saying that he may not have agreed with whatever that person was doing, but if they like it, then more power to them.  It occurred to me it could very easily have an even more positive meaning.

I am constantly taking photos of all types of different people from all types of different backgrounds.  They have their own personalities.  Their own interests.  Their own beliefs.  They don't live their lives according to how other people want them to.  They do what makes them happy.

Do. You.

Some people erroneously (and dare I say ignorantly) view it as a question when they see it on one of my photos.  Do you see a question mark anywhere in the statement?  No.  Because quite simply put, it is precisely a statement.  It accompanies each photo where the person is doing just that.  They are merely living out the statement in their own personal way.

It started out as a clever idea for me on just a couple of photos.  However, the more I started applying it to different photos, the more it took on a life of its own.  It became more of a movement.  A movement that will very soon take on some even edgier and different directions.  There are still several ideas that come to mind that would fall under the "Do. You." umbrella so it's not set to end anytime soon.

When I went through the process of creating this new site, I struggled with the idea of whether I should give "Do. You." its own category.  I probably would have if I didn't already have so many other categories.  And since all the others are mainly there to generate sources of income, I omitted my personal endeavors.  What I did instead was give this movement its own Flickr page that you can view here:

You will have to forgive the no-frills look of the current 'Do. You.' page.  It's really just meant to highlight the different photos that have already made it to the movement.  At some point in time I will devote a little more time to spruce it up a bit.  But for now, you may want to visit it from time to time to see what new images have joined the movement.  You never day you could see your very own photo there...