Yes I know we’re a bit past Halloween already. We should be prepping for Thanksgiving. And for some of us, already doing Christmas-y things. Well given the fact I’m horrendously behind in updating any entries here, just being a couple weeks past the ‘holiday’ isn’t that bad. I just had to say something about what turned out being one of the busiest months of shoots.

As just a tiny bit of backstory, it’s important to mention that I’m actually a fan of Halloween. Mainly because I’m a horror movie fan. Something else I can attribute to Mom. Although to be fair, I probably went to the extreme with mine. There wasn’t an horror movie that was too much for me. Mom drew the line once too much blood got involved.


The last time I did a Halloween themed shoot that I really enjoyed was several years ago. I was still in Des Moines at the time. Thanks to my friend Summer, we pulled off a pretty awesome vampire queen shoot. Little did I know at the time that some folks would really bug out over it. Got so offended they unfriended me on Facebook and everything. And that shoot didn’t even have any blood involved. It certainly wasn’t due to lack of effort though. We just forgot to include it.

Anyway, I had been thinking ever since then that I wanted to do more shoots even bigger and better. This year was the perfect storm since I’ve been doing my whole one photo a day project (which is something else I should probably be blogging about to provide more context). I figured I would try to get as much Halloween variety as possible in. I mean all of the major horror movie roles: zombie, vampire, slasher, demonic possession. If they hated that shoot from back in the day then these would REALLY drive them crazy.

The one featured here was done by local cosplay model Veeanna Nunley. I had shot her earlier in the month doing a Harley Quinn. Later on, I would happen to stumbled upon a post of hers where she did this for another cosplay function. Even though “The Nun” wasn’t as great as it could have been, the image they created with the creepy nun was too good to pass up for a horror shoot. Thankfully, Vee was down. We found the perfect location in downtown Dallas and knocked out some great shots.

Doubtful I’ll go all out next year like I did this year for Halloween. I actually have enough images to last me for a while anyway. I say that now, but of course there will be some ideas that come up between now and then. Or even sooner. You never know when the ‘spirit’ will catch you…