Head of the Class

Every now and then I get asked the question what is the one thing I like shooting the most. You would probably think I would say models because my port has so many of them in there. That's not the case though. Don't get me wrong...I do really enjoy those. Many models know how to pose so it makes the shoot go smooth. However, it's not my favorite. That honor would have to go to high school senior sessions.


There is just something about being able to capture the images of a young adult as they are just preparing to officially enter adulthood. Their formative schooling years are coming to a close and they are beginning to face entirely new challenges. Hopefully, they are challenges for which his/her parent(s) have been preparing them for all their life. Then I get the special honor of making them a superstar for one shining moment no matter how much and/or little of a star they may be in their own high school.

Unfortunately, I have been leaning very heavy on senior sessions that are out of state. Mainly folks from back home in Iowa. Those contacts are still around so I still get requests for those shoots. Of course I'm not going to say no. Then what ends up happening is I get more interest from folks seeing those images. From more folks that are still out of state.

I'm hoping to change that pattern by engaging more folks locally in the DFW area. I know it's a little difficult to do when I don't particularly like leaving the house during the hot weather, but I still try to find ways to alter that. Like connecting with coworkers that have seniors that need photos. They have friends that will need photos too so hopefully it will start a domino effect of sorts.

I'm a little partial towards the senior sessions where the student is active in some type of extra-curricular activity. It just allows much more flexibility with being creative with the editing. Especially the sport ones. I've done baseball and even soccer, but still no basketball. And boy do I have some ideas for a high school senior basketball session.

So if any of you folks out there have relatives who need senior photos done, please direct them to me. I promise I will give them some images that they will remember and cherish for the rest of their lives. I promise I will make their young adult feel like they are king or queen for the day. And if you know a basketball senior that needs their photos, make sure to get them to me ASAP.