I Do.

Yes I realize it's a very simplistic title, but it gets the point across. You know that it's in reference to a wedding that I recently shot. Even though it doesn't accurately reflect this was one of my favorite weddings to date. Mainly because it was for a former NHS classmate. It has nothing to do with the fact that I still only average one wedding a year which means I go out of my way to make that one count.

I was sure I had planned this one to death so nothing could possibly go wrong. Of course that was incorrect. Starting with the second shooter. Had one lined up ever since I first scheduled this momentous occasion months ago. So what happened just a few short weeks before the wedding? The second shooter informs me something comes up and they can't do it. Of course I had a back-up plan. At least three other options. Of course none of them could do it such short notice either. I was on my own. Again.


The photography gods still found a way to smile on me at least a little bit on that day for a couple of reasons. First was that it turns out that it was a rather small wedding. Only one bridesmaid (who was also the maid of honor) and one groomsman (who was also the best man). Second thing was that this was a Des Moines wedding in December that somehow got nice weather. It was a high of 55 which felt even warmer than that with the shining sun. Sure it would have been nice to capture some snow images for the formals and candids, but I certainly was not going to complain.

Phyllis could not have been a better bride. I've been rather fortunate in that regards too when it comes to weddings that I've shot. Never had a bridezilla yet. And this was the best opportunity for one to happen. Phyllis was taking a lot of the planning and organizing herself with no formal wedding planner. If she was stressed and/or nervous, she certainly didn't show it. Their big day could not have gone smoother.

Here was yet another occasion where I ended up second-guessing myself after going through all the final images. I used a drone for the first time and now wished I would have used the video option to do a short vignette to post. I should have used my strobe on a couple of photo ideas outside. I should have done more fun styled shoots with the bridal party. And about a dozen other things I beat myself up after the fact.

However, I am rather proud of the images I did capture. The bride reveal was pretty epic the way I captured Tim's emotion. The shot of catching Phyllis enjoy her daughter's toast while Tim admired her was right on point. The capture of the rings was straight money. But more important than anything is the bride and groom very much enjoyed the photos that helped to make their entire day magical.