Follow Me

For as long as I can remember I have been extremely competitive. From the days of elementary school when I didn't want that kid's coloring assignment being better than mine to high school when I made EVERYTHING a challenge to now as it pertains to my photography. I realize I may not be the best out there, but I will keep striving to be the best I know I can be.

I know photography can be a cutthroat business. Of course it will be when everyone with a digital camera is a photographer these days. So when someone reaches out to me for a quote and/or an inquiry, I know they're shopping around elsewhere. I have no doubt my work will speak for itself. I know I cannot make them choose me. But I also know if they don't, my competitive fire inside will make sure that next shoot I do will be more proof to them of what they are missing out on.


It's a rather LONG way to get to this latest shoot. However, the backstory needed to be told and this session was the best way to get it across. I try to go out of my way to giver every session my very best effort. It just so happens that when a shoot comes on the heels of a rejection, there's just a little fire ignited under me that serves as a turbo boost of sorts.

This engagement session with Marta and Rene could not have went any better. It got off to a rocky start initially because my plans for an assistant fell through. That was just a minor setback though. I've been shooting solo for 97% of my shoots for the past several years so it was no obstacle for me. The three of us were able to work together to get some amazing images.

This one here turned out to be personal favorite. It was a concept I have been wanting to do ever since that whole 'follow me' craze went viral some time ago. I always knew it would make a perfect engagement photo. Especially if I could get the capitol city in the background. It tells the perfect story of how we begin that journey into marriage. The man may be intended to be the head of the household, but we all know it's the woman who calls the shots.

I was very grateful that Marta and Rene chose me to capture their images. They could have very easily chosen some local cat like so many other folks do and have done. Marta told me she really wanted me to do their photos though. That was an additional incentive for me to make sure the photos turned out amazing. I may not get every job that I want, but the ones I do get will be glad they chose to follow me.