Location, Location, Location

Just saw a post in one of the groups I belong to on The Book.  A photog was looking for a good spot to shoot in the Dallas area and posted about it so the other photogs in the group could respond.  Par for the course, he received no responses.  Except from me chiming in that I would be interested as well.  Besides that...crickets.

The thing is I have noticed some time ago that a lot of photogs don't like sharing locations of where they shoot.  And I mean A LOT. They are very discreet about their 'top secret' locations because they don't want anyone else to shoot there.  Some even get offended that you would have the nerve to ask.  The whole thing has always baffled me.

I have no problem sharing my locations with folks.  If another photog can get a different shot in the same location then more power to them.  The beauty of the art of photography is it's all in the eye of the beholder anyway.  What I may see from one angle in one location, another photographer may find in a different angle in the same location.  It's not about where you shoot..it's about what you capture while you're there.

Don't get me wrong...your location can make or break a photo.  I've seen far too many folks try to do a sexy swimsuit shoot in what looks like a marsh.  Or trying to capture a fashion look with what appears to be someone's backyard complete with raggedy chainlink fence and parked cars that haven't been properly DOF'ed (yes...just made up that term myself. That will be another post to come later).  I'm just saying that there are far too many folks that act like their locations are the garden of Eden and only they can shoot there.

I have been fortunate enough to connect with some photogs in the Dallas area that have had no problems sharing some of their favorite spots. Whenever I see one of their images and ask where it was shot, they don't hesitate to divulge it. There's no shroud of secrecy or them taking offense that I'm being nosy.  That's just how it should be. There's plenty of creativity to go around.