Oh Baby

I remember when I first started dabbling with photography I told myself that I wouldn't do baby portraits.  Only because I had seen some bad experiences played out in movies and tv shows.  Plus, I just knew from experience how temperamental babies can be.  However, I cooled on that thought very quickly.  Mainly when I began realize that I would only limit myself by keeping my focus that narrow.

I will never consider myself to be the baby whisperer when it comes to shooting babies.  There's a special talent that one needs in order to catch the perfect infant pic.  I know I don't have that.  I also know I could probably obtain it if I really applied myself.  I just feel that my skillset is better with older subjects and I'm fine with that.

Now I do get lucky from time to time.  Fortunately, I've been able to work with babies/toddlers/kids that seem to like me.  Not so much that I'm their best friend, but just enough that they will do good in front of the camera.  That's all I really care about.  Just want to make sure their parents get some good images. 

The one kid that always gets the premier treatment is my grandson.  I will pull out the camera on a whim and just start snapping him.  It's partly because he's my first grandchild, but mainly because he's just so doggone photogenic.  He really doesn't take a bad picture.  And most of the time, he looks photo ready just being his normal self before I'm even able to get the camera.

So I may not have blogged in a while, but I figured this was a good photo to come back with.  And just to give you a heads up...there's a good chance that if I go into a funk again where I don't blog for a minute, my return may very well be another picture of this cute little fella.